Welcome to this public server!

What is this webserver for?

This webserver contains the following files which may be useful to the OnePlus community:

Who owns the server and content?

The server is owned by Votton. Server and content are managed and maintained by AnonymousWP and Some_Random_Username.

Ok, but where are the files?

You can find a list of directories and files here.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy can be found here.


Do you have questions regarding this website/server, donations, or do you have questions regarding the privacy policy? You can contact us by sending a message in #meta channel on Discord (if you arrived here from Discord) or by Tweakers/XDA DMs.

While absolutely not mandatory, please don't hesitate to contribute to server costs by donating to Votton at https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8vqSuHhUE7.

Note: we are NOT affiliated with OnePlus in any way.